9 HUGE WWE TLC 2019: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Predictions You Need To Know

TLC...M Punk?


A mere three weeks separating Survivor Series and TLC hasn't half helped this year's festival of metal, blood and wood.

Unlike last year's rather bloated end-of-year event, much of the card reflects the lean turnaround time and a welcome lack of rush following all the Red Vs Blue Vs Black-and-Gold craic in November. The things that have made it to Minneapolis are fresh, if not all entirely exciting. And that's with plenty being left behind for the impending and fabled Road To WrestleMania.

Raw's big angle has featured Seth Rollins turning heel and linking arms with The Authors Of Pain to take out Kevin Owens, but none of them will feature. Falling just short of defeating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship, Rey Mysterio made the best of things by taking AJ Styles' United States strap one night later. Neither man nor any of their associates currently have anything to do here. Alexa Bliss received a huge pop upon returning to SmackDown, but her feud alongside Nikki Cross against Fire & Desire hasn't had a look in either.

As for what did make the card...


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