9 Match Star Ratings For WWE Stomping Grounds

This company is wild.


Or 'WWE Super ShowDown II', as it was essentially framed throughout the build.

And what a sh*tty build it was; promoted with a TV hook in pay-per-view clothing, the matches hardly sold it to an apathetic Tacoma public, either. Seth Rollins Vs. Baron Corbin, at the original Super ShowDown, made a tedious mockery of WWE's pious we-tell-stories mantra with its one-note, cop-out narrative. Roman Reigns Vs. Drew McIntyre, scripted quite well, was nonetheless a pretty uninspiring pairing.

Amid the greatest ever generation of global in-ring talent, Lacey Evans ranges from serviceable to disastrous. Shane McMahon said in January that "the whole automatic rematch thing is antiquated," and while it is no longer a formality in storylines, it certainly is an automatic impulse inherent to WWE. On the subject of Shane, his bizarre featured role catalysed another layer of the malaise from which WWE cannot escape.

Whole thing sucked.

"This pay-per-view may not be that boring, and the WWE Network direct debit doesn't impact the budget all that much," was the sales pitch - a reminder that competition isn't about to mobilise Vince McMahon into action.


Was Stomping Grounds not that boring?


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