9 Most Anticlimactic Unmaskings In Wrestling History

The literal opposite of shocking.


For any of us who have ever wanted to believe that wrestling is still real, dammit, the unmasking of a wrestling should be one of the most thrilling moments sports entertainment can offer. "You mean we're finally going to discover the true identity of this previously disguised man who's been consistently haunting the company in one form or another? Hell yes I want to see that!"

Unfortunately, even those who cling tightest to the kayfabe world are often disappointed by these types of character unveilings. Maybe it's because we set our expectations too high, so we're inevitably letdown when the guy takes his mask off and we find out it wasn't Keanu Reeves the whole time and the WWE isn't actually a program in the Matrix.

That's not to say that a few unmaskings haven't delivered the goods. Remember when Dustin Rhodes' mystery partner at Clash of the Champions yanked off that ridiculous lizard mask to reveal himself as Ricky Steamboat returning to the WCW!? That's the kind of magic it can give fans.

None of the following unmaskings are anything like that. Not even close, actually. In fact, they're so stupid, unnecessary, and thoroughly anticlimactic that some of them go right to the point of being insulting.

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