9 Most Anticlimactic Unmaskings In Wrestling History

1. The Shockmaster


Filed under the "accidental reveal" category, The Shockmaster's unceremonious unmasking remains one of the most anticlimactic and unintentionally hilarious debuts in the history of the business. It's unclear exactly where the character's arc was supposed to go or whether The Shockmaster was ever supposed to be unmasked at all...but it doesn't really matter.

When your "exciting new character" is just Tugboat in a bedazzled Stormtroooper helmet and a puffy vest, there aren't many heights you can reach. Only lows. So many lows.

When Sting enthusiastically announced The Shockmaster as a replacement for Road Warrior Hawk in an upcoming eight-man tag match, there was some genuine excitement over who this new guy was. And then...POOF. With one tiny pyrotechnic and a big tumble through the wall, The Shockmaster was revealed to be "NONE OTHER THAN" a horrific klutz scrambling to get a ridiculous, glittery helmet back over his head.

You can hear the cheers drop out almost instantaneously as soon as he hits the ground. There was no hiding a mistake that sizable, and most of the other wrestlers around didn't even try to hide their embarrassment.

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