9 Most Anticlimactic Unmaskings In Wrestling History

9. Black Scorpion


When Sting finally captured the NWA World Title from Ric Flair in 1990, it seemed like everything was finally falling into place for the Stinger. Everything except for his next challenger, that is.

Aside from Flair, there wasn't anyone in the company who bookers considered a viable number one contender. So they decided the best idea was to introduce a new, mysterious wrestler, who they dubbed The Black Scorpion, a masked man who claimed to be an old friend of Sting's. 

Bookers had no idea who should actually play the character, however, and depending on whose stories you believe, there were as many as five different wrestlers rotating Black Scorpion duties. Mid-carder Al Perez was supposed to take over the role from Ole Anderson - who was pretty much just a stop-gap to begin with - but quit before the ultimate reveal.

Jeff Allis and Dave Sheldon filled in at house shows, but neither were intended to be the final product. But maybe Ole? Nope, Ole broke his arm, he's not coming back. They were pretty much back to square one.

So fans were rightfully suspicious when The Black Scorpion showed up to Starrcade many of Ric Flair's signature mannerisms and moves. When it finally came time for the big reveal, obviously it was just The Nature Boy. You could practically hear the sighs echoing through the building that night.

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