9 Most Unremarkable WWE Tag Teams Of The Past Decade

9. Jesse And Festus (2007 And 2008)


Fans who have followed the career of Luke Gallows know his history as part of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society or as one of the founders of The Bullet Club — he's underappreciated in that regard. What they might not recall are his days as a mentally challenged farm-boy named Festus.

Festus was the brother of Jesse and the two hillbillies wrestled in WWE from 2007 to 2009. If not for Festus' strange reaction to a ring bell, this team wouldn't have won a single match. Festus was nearly unresponsive in most circumstances but when the bell would ring to start a match he'd go berserk and tear through his opponents. When it rang again to signify the end of a contest, he would once again become a docile bystander. Meanwhile, Jesse was little more than an often unsuccessful handler.

The team made sporadic appearances in WWE until broken up in the supplemental draft. Festus went to Raw only to vanish and return as if his prior character never existed. Meanwhile, Jesse went on to try getting over a white rapper character named Slam Master J. Both were completely different personas. One worked, one didn't.


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