9 Ruthless Decisions WWE Need To Make Now

WWE must find something else for Daniel Bryan to do...

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When WWE revealed pre-Draft in 2016 that Raw and SmackDown would have two authority figures each, there were audible groans from some corners of the wrestling fan base. Stephanie and Shane McMahon would oversee each respective brand, only to be joined by Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan as General Managers.

Foley has since been replaced by Kurt Angle in the Raw GM role, but Bryan is still plodding along on Tuesday nights, doing very little. As harsh as it may sound for a performer so (rightly) cherished, is there really any need for him, when Shane is the one really calling the shots on SmackDown?

Away from the authority figure discussion, WWE must make several other ruthless decisions that would benefit each show instantly. It's not long until we get that post-SummerSlam lull more closely associated with WrestleMania, so it's of the utmost importance that WWE start refining the product on both major brands and beyond.

The recently released quarterly report confirms that the company remains massively lucrative, but the criticism directed at the product is at its fiercest since the nadir of the Super Cena era...

9. Stop Taping 205 Live After SmackDown, Or Cancel It

Tony Nese TJ Perkins

Attend any SmackDown taping and you're likely to see a lot of people leaving before WWE film 205 Live. That's a real problem, because it leaves the Cruiserweights working in front of empty seats and tired fans. Who on earth believed filming 205 after SmackDown was a good idea, and why haven't WWE put things right?

Not even the lure of a star-laden dark match following the Cruiser show can keep everyone in their seats. WWE need to decide whether or not continuing down this path is really worth it. Shooting 205 Live before SmackDown starts would be a much better idea; pump up fans with high-flying energy instead of tacking it on at the end.

It's a no-brainer, but WWE keep bashing their heads against the nearest brick wall. Time to be ruthless and either do away with 205 Live completely, or make it a precursor to the main programme.

TJ Perkins isn't enough of a draw to follow John Cena, and that will never change.

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