9 Things GFW Must Do Better Than Impact

Will they finally learn from their many, many mistakes?

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It’s been a year of major upheaval for Impact Wrestling. The promotion limped into 2017, seemingly on their last legs. It's an all too familiar position.

They were surrounded by controversy after the public debacle of Billy Corgan’s exodus, Dixie Carter flirting with potential suitors behind his back, court cases, and untold amounts of crippling debt. The goodwill from the fanbase was almost non-existent, and their flagship show was watched by roughly 75% less people than it had been five years earlier. If Impact were to survive, something had to give.

The promotion found a savior in Anthem, who stepped into the picture and saved the company from sure extinction. The first bold move the new owners made saw Jeff Jarrett return to the fold and once again take over creative. Things had come full circle. But was it a good move?

Before Slammiversary, news broke out that Impact was dead and Global Force Wrestling was taking over. A simple name change is unlikely to be enough to turn around years of mismanagement, wasted opportunities, and atrocious booking. However, if they are serious about turning a new corner, then there's some major changes they must make to finally prove they've learned their lesson.

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