9 Things I Learned From Watching WCW Greed

2. Late WCW Was The Same As Early TNA


One of the overriding feelings of this whole pay-per-view is how similar late WCW was to early TNA. The set-up, the work of the announce team, the wrestlers featured and the card itself, the whole thing screams 'Weekly TNA PPV'.

As mentioned already, the in-ring highlights of the show are without doubt the matches involving the cruiserweights, these psychology-free spotfests that have little rhyme or reason but are exciting enough to be more than enjoyable.

The rest of the show is a collection of washed-up old talent and completely uninterested guys who should be in their prime, having matches that pass for no reason other than for the individuals involved to pick up a paycheck.

Kanyon and Ernest Miller have a completely forgettable match, and there is also a nothing tag match that sees Lance Storm and Mike Awesome go up against Hugh Morrus and Konnan. It is painful to watch, as the memory of the more interesting and exciting younger talent fades into oblivion.

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