9 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About CM Punk's UFC Debut

The ugly truth.

CM Punk remains a talking point for fans of mixed martial arts and the UFC in particular - but he's no longer one of the main talking points, and that's rather telling. Why? The Punk situation has become akin to a dangled carrot that the donkey never actually gets. His debut has been delayed yet again due to back surgery to correct a lingering issue left over from his pro wrestling days, despite the fact that just days earlier, his debut opponent, Mickey Gall, had been announced. That announcement included Punk meeting the man in the UFC octagon, despite obviously knowing that surgery was required. In short, fans were duped that a fight would finally be imminent. And even if Punk's recovery time is just six weeks, as speculated, it's another delay in a long history of them. And with each and every one, fans care just a little less. The UFC, frankly, has bungled the whole darn mess, and Punk himself hasn't helped things any by coming off as confrontational in a number of interviews. Fans who would have once rooted for him as an underdog beloved for his pro wrestling contributions may now simply tune in to watch a trainwreck and to see the man fail, which is a shame - because if nothing else, Punk does seem to be taking this seriously. Yet no one outside the supposed "haters" seem to want to talk about certain realities around Punk's MMA crossover, perhaps in fear of being labeled haters themselves. Despite this, lets take a stab at it - here are nine things no one wants to admit about CM Punk's UFC experiment.

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