9 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About CM Punk's UFC Debut

8. Punk Is Simply Too Old To Make The Transition With No Real Base

People have talked about Punk's age, but his fans like to bring up fighters like Cung Le, and the legendary Randy Couture, who started their MMA careers late in life. The problem with these comparisons is that both Le and Couture had years of martial arts experience behind them before they started actively competing in MMA. They didn't just walk into a gym off the street and say "train me, I want to fight" - which is pretty much what CM Punk is doing. You need a base to build off of. Brock Lesnar tried MMA relatively late in life, but he was a decorated college wrestling champion. CM Punk had a bit of part-time jiu-jitsu training, but if you ask around, some of the guys at the office water cooler have that these days. Bottom line: Punk should have tried this at thirty, not pushing forty, given he lacks any real base in the sport.
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