9 Things That Must Happen At WWE TLC 2017

Suffice to say, all of RAW's eggs will be in one big basket on Sunday night.

The Shield Vs Everyone TLC 17

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2017 takes place this coming Sunday, and WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is nowhere to be seen. The RAW brand has been forced to pull out all of the stops in his absence, although in doing so it has somehow managed to put all of its top stars in one match - this is as top heavy a wrestling pay-per-view as you are going to get.

The Shield have reformed in the latest desperate attempt to get everyone to love Roman Reigns. The nostalgia is initially endearing, but the realisation that it ends with Dean Ambrose turning on Seth Rollins ahead of WrestleMania doesn't change a thing - this is still happening in order to keep Reigns busy until the Royal Rumble.

What else is on the TLC card? Well, not much. With eight of the biggest stars on the roster in one match, the pay-per-view is looking decidedly thin. Asuka will finally make her main roster debut however, in what should be a memorable moment.

With that in mind WWE TLC is going to be a show of two moments, and if either of those fails to hit then this event could fall off a cliff. Here are nine things that must happen for that not to be the case. Good luck everyone.

9. Start The Show With Asuka...

Asuka TLC

Asuka is scheduled to make her WWE main roster debut at TLC, and she will do so against an opponent she has faced before. The Empress of Tomorrow faced off against Emma at NXT TakeOver: London, picking up a major victory in a match that garnered plaudits from all sides.

That match opened the show back in December 2015, and it is the best option to open up WWE TLC 2017. The crowd should be hot for the arrival o the still-undefeated former NXT Women’s Champion, and this anticipation must be taken advantage of. WWE TLC could be a difficult show, and WWE needs to start it off in the hottest way possible.

That London match was an absolute cracker. The atmosphere going in was similar - many expected Asuka to roll over Emma, yet the Australian put up a fight that made her look great in defeat. Asuka still managed to look strong in victory too, making it the perfect opener. It was true then, it must be true again on Sunday night. Just don't expect the match to last 15 minutes.


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