9 Unofficial WWE Royal Rumbles

The not-so-Royal Rumbles.


The latest WWE announcement to get the internet talking is that of the 50-man Royal Rumble, which is due take place in Saudi Arabia next month.

Details, at the moment, remain few and far between. We don't know who from the company's considerable roster will feature, for example (except Triple H - there's no way he's missing it). We don't even know whether it will be broadcast on the Network, or lost to the archives like last year's Starrcade.

But something about the Royal Rumble, as a match-type, just always seems to get the pulses racing. Apart from Shinsuke Nakamura's smile, there's probably no better sight in wrestling than a group of the industry's biggest and best stars all in the ring at once, preferably with the stakes really high.

In all likelihood, the stakes will be relatively low in April, but that's not to say that it can't still be entertaining. In fact, nine other unofficial Royal Rumble matches have taken place outside of the eponymous pay-per-view over the last 30 years, and many of them - though not as prestigious - have been plenty fun...