9 Ups & 5 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (29 Nov)

Bray Wyatt is the Champion of the Universe. But which one?

Bray Wyatt

Neither Raw nor NXT were permitted to let the Survivor Series pass without mention this week.

At the Thanksgiving Classic, the black-and-gold brand prevailed in the battle for Brand Supremacy by winning more matches than the other two shows combined. A celebration opened up Wednesday's NXT, whilst Monday's Raw began with an enjoyable "Town Hall" that triggered Seth Rollins' overdue heel turn.

Both effective in moving things forward past the point where everybody had to be besties with anybody else in the same coloured shirt, SmackDown followed suit by rapidly pushing things forward to the next pay-per-view with only the echoes of the last one really lingering.

Key to SmackDown's success on Sunday was Roman Reigns, but a simmering rivalry with Baron Corbin nearly smashed the team to pieces. It threatened to do the same to that billion dollar Fox deal a fortnight ago. How would 'The Big Dog' and 'The Lone Wolf' - as well as the rest of the no longer united roster - proceed with just two weeks to go until the TLC pay-per-view?

We'd have a few answers soon enough, but new questions foreshadowed a final month in 2019 that'd be just as weird all the rest. Feeling blue? Jump in...


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