9 Wrestlers Who Came Back From The Dead

With funeral plot holes like these, it's no wonder WWE needs a Continuity Editor.

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In the second act of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, the eponymous Roman general regails his wife Calpurnia with the following aphorism:

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once."

It's a lovely sentiment - and, admittedly, entirely metaphorical - but when it comes to the world of professional wrestling, surely the closest modern day approximation of The Bard's ribaldric Globe, it's bang wrong.

Like any piece of fiction, death adds drama, and the squared circle has been no exception. The only problem is, wrestling is supposed to be a sport with soap opera tendencies, and not the other way around. Which means, for one reason or another, the valiant few that have fallen in the line of scripted duty have more often than not turned up fresh as daisies rather than pushing them up within weeks.

Sometimes, in the space of ten minutes.

The reasons are rarely given. You'd expect supernatural b*llocks to be the most common explanation for wrestler resuscitation, but forgetful or simply unfussed writers is the real answer to eternal life.

With funeral plot holes like these, it's no wonder WWE needs a Continuity Editor.

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