9 Wrestling Rumours & Reactions (July 18): Jack Swagger Quitting WWE?

Today's juiciest rumours and newsworthy bites.


The great thing about pro wrestling is there is always something to talk about. Whether it’s news, a controversial tweet or just a simple rumor that made its way from the backstage area to the internet. This article will focus mainly rumors and smaller newsworthy bites that may have fallen through the cracks. Each of these articles will serve up a new group of stories and initial reactions to get the party started. See something that you would loathe or love to see happen? Make sure to voice your opinion in the comments section.

On tap for today: Cena's promo on Lebron James, updates on both Sting and Undertaker, possible Battleground matches, and Virgil starts up a GoFundMe account.

Again, to be clear, “rumors” will be labeled as such, don’t take them as fact, but rather just fun gossip. “Newsworthy bites” will also be labeled the same, these are based more in factual information.

9. John Cena Cuts Promo On Lebron James

Newsworthy Bite: While promoting his movie Trainwreck, John Cena decided to cut a promo on James, who also plays a part in the film.

"Alright, Mr. James, if that is your real name. It just sounds like you're parading around with two first names, like my name is Stan Mike. I mean, really, who is LeBron James? I'll tell you who he is; he's the guy this Sunday that's going to step in the ring with me and I'm going to dribble his face on the canvas as if it was a Spalding basketball. I'm going to rip your spine off your back and perform a double tomahawk jam to a fan in the third row eating nachos, sippin' on a 72 ounce Coke. And then at the very end of the night, when I hold up a trophy that is a championship belt, nay a golden basketball, people will realize I'm the one who truly knows how to handle my balls."

Reaction: Alrighty then, ends it on a balls joke, classic Cena. Let's move on, shall we?


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