9 WWE Champions You Didn't Care Enough To Hate

1. The Great Khali


The Great Khali winning the World Heavyweight Championship in July 2007 was a watershed moment for some. It confirmed that WWE basically no longer had any standards, and would put its biggest prize on literally anyone if it meant pulling some precious mainstream news coverage.

In the case of the Punjabi Nightmare, he was both Indian - making him, apparently, super popular in a region of the world in which wrestling has yet to really take off - and a seven-foot tall behemoth (making him a point of curiosioty for anyone with an interest in seven-foot tall behemoths).

For hardcore wrestling fans, however, there was little to get excited about. The man was physically impressive, to be sure, but his inability to move in the ring made watching his matches, particularly those against Batista (whom he spent most of his reign feuding with) a thankless chore.

In September, The Animal finally pulled off the impossible and pinned the champion in No Mercy's triple threat match (with little Rey Mysterio the third wheel). Sighs of relief were breathed, but that's all it was - we were all long, long past caring.

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