9 WWE Stars Who Posed Naked For Playboy

Thanks for the mammaries, Hef.

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Playboy Magazine

Ordinarily, there are few really compelling reasons to take a long-hard leer at those women of WWE who bared all for the hallowed pages of softcore porn rag Playboy. It's hard to shy away from the suggestion that really, it's any excuse for a bit of titillation. But there are a couple of good ones.

Hugh Hefner's death, at the grand old age of 91, is one of them.

The long-time magazine impresario has drawn a range of conflicting eulogies in the wake of his passing, from the hysterical to hagiographic, characterised as both a misogynist pimp and a free-spirited proponent of the sexual revolution. Amongst the volume, one set of voices lost have been those of the models themselves. Torrie Wilson was quick to extend gratitude Hefner's way for the boost the shoot did her career, and many other former Playboy models similarly jumped to echo such sentiments.

For a while, WWE and Playboy made perfect playmates, a relationship ideally suited to the crass ideals of the Attitude Era and the demographic it brought with it. Eventually, the company's policy towards employing women was ultimately dictated by their ability to fluidly adapt to print. In the nude, if possible.

No surprise then, that there're more than two handfuls who bared all for a generation of oogling teenage eyes in darkened bedrooms.

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