9 WWE Stars Who Posed Naked For Playboy

1. Sable

Playboy Magazine

Arguably as crucial to the Attitude era as Steve Austin and The Rock, Sable set the new blue tone for what a WWE valet should be when she became the company's first ever star to strip nude for Playboy. The April 1999 issue quickly became the hottest selling edition of the magazine ever, simultaneously pushing Sable's popularity into orbit (albeit at the expense of poor Marc Mero).

Such was the immense financial success of the shoot that Sable quickly realised she'd outgrown WWE, and could make more money in similar projects outside Vince's auspices. Soon after leaving the company in painfully bitter circumstances, she became the first woman ever to twice adorn Playboy's cover in the same year. She's now married to Brock Lesnar, and we don't advise anyone to eye up her centrefolds just on the off-chance he happens to be nearby.

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