9 WWE Stars Who Posed Naked For Playboy

9. Torrie Wilson

Playboy Magazine

In the wake of Hugh Hefner's death, Torrie Wilson quickly jumped onto social media to thank the pornographer for given her the opportunity to twice star on the cover of his illustrious top-shelf rag.

Wilson first stripped off for Playboy in 2003, instigating an on-screen feud with a jealous Nidia. Envy's ugly head reappeared post-WrestleMania XIX, as the original WWE cover star Sable gatecrashed Torrie's 'Playboy Coming Out Party', with the tiresomely inevitably outcome of a Bikini Contest between the two.

They kissed and made up on screen - quite literally - before the pair appeared side-by-side, in the buff, for March 2004's issue of the magazine.

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