9 WWE Superstars Who Could Be So Much More Than They Currently Are

WWE isn't feeling these talents and we can't understand why.


Some will argue missing the mark with talent is a skill WWE is incredibly good at. While the company has turned relative unknowns like John Cena, The Rock, and Braun Strowman into household names, they've also whiffed with stars who could have been the next big thing. Names like Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega were largely undervalued, ignored, or "future endeavored", only to shine elsewhere. Others, like AJ Styles — who is near the top of the WWE totem pole now — spent years outside Vince's brand of sports entertainment before finally getting the call.

It can be — and often should be — humbling when WWE doesn’t see the potential of the men and women already under their employ. That said, not every future superstar displays the skills, personality and "it" quality that gets them noticed.

Who are these possible megastars in the making? It's not too hard to spot them if you know what to look for. What is it about them that suggests they have the ability to grab the brass ring clearly there for the taking these days? Some have the personality, in-ring ability or background, but just need the spotlight. Why isn't WWE giving these talents a chance? That's an entirely different, and much more difficult question to answer.


Jim Parsons is an entrepreneur and freelance writer who likes to add his two cents wherever anyone will listen. His passions are sports, namely hockey, basketball, and golf while dabbling in WWE and attending the occasional movie using his Scene card.