Adam Cole Injured By Matt Riddle On NXT?

So says WWE Now's latest injury report.

Adam Cole Matt Riddle

WWE's YouTube channel has published an NXT injury report for the second consecutive week, with NXT Champion Adam Cole the most notable mention.

Per host Matt Camp, 'The Panama City Playboy's' right arm was fractured on this week's episode, leading to him being sent to the emergency room after the show. His current status is listed as "questionable" though there is no indication that next week's bout with Matt Riddle is in jeopardy.

Cole hit the ring to talk trash to Riddle after 'The Original Bro' had defeated Killian Dain in a number one contender's match, leading to the challenger trapping the champion in an armbar. Cole tapped out quickly and was saved when the rest of the Undisputed Era ran down, but the damage was seemingly done, even though this is probably a work. Perhaps that dastardly scamp will wear a loaded cast to the ring next week.

Raul Mendoza (fractured rib), Dominik Dijakovic (cervical strain), and KUSHIDA (undisclosed left wrist injury) are also listed as either "questionable" or "day-to-day."

Regardless of whether these guys are legitimately hurt, the video at least adds an extra layer of realism to NXT's product.

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