AEW Auditioning For Librarian Gimmick

Bucks and Cody have sent out open casting call.


In a tongue-in-cheek Twitter post, All Elite Wrestling honchos Cody and The Young Bucks have issued an open casting call for a brand new gimmick known as 'The Librarian'.

In the social media video, the AEW executives are candidly seen discussing how even they can't get such a terrible role over, noting the ridiculous criteria ("a cart of books, must 'sshhh'"), before turning to the camera to formally announce the competition.

Potential candidates of any gender have been asked to send in a video no longer than 60 seconds to @AEWrestling, using the hashtag #theLibrarian.

Whether this is a legitimate competition or an elaborate contrivance to set up a Being The Elite angle - and a potential big arrival to AEW - remains unclear. Surely the lads wouldn't waste everybody's time with a phony competition, though?

The full video can be seen below:

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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