AEW Confirm Jon Moxley Vs Kenny Omega For ALL OUT

All Elite Wrestling's return to Chicago already loaded...

Jon Moxley Kenny Omega

All Elite Wrestling have revealed that Jon Moxley will take on Kenny Omega in an enormous semi-main event for August's ALL OUT, building on their blistering battle at the climax of Double Or Nothing.

The company revealed the news via their official Twitter 24 hours ahead of the Chicago supershow's on-sale date. The event was already certain to sell out almost as quickly as the celebrated ALL IN supercard 12 months ago, but this and the already-announced Chris Jericho/Hangman Page scrap may result in tickets shifting even quicker than the 30-60 minutes it took every single seat in the Sears Centre to go this time last year. With buzz maximised as much as ever for the nascent outfit, it's likely the tearful Cody "thank you" segment from next week's Being The Elite is already in the can.

Upcoming events Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen will serve as scaled-back shows in comparison to the mammoth weekends that bolstered ALL IN and Double Or Nothing, whilst ALL OUT will likely serve as the perfect primer for the company's TNT show launching in October.

With stakes implied rather than implicitly attached, the match has already triggered a slew of fantasy booking scenarios for the near futures of both men. Neither can really afford the loss at such a crucial stage...and that's the magic of the match really, isn't it?

Booked as result of their respective wins on the maiden pay-per-view, Page and Jericho will go to war to become the first AEW Heavyweight Champion, whilst Omega and Moxley's post-match brawl last month positioned both as the nearest contenders to the throne beneath them.

Tickets go on sale at all the above times in the tweet, but best advice is to be ready on the hour if you're making plans to wing your way to 'The Windy City'.

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