AEW Tuesday Night Dynamite Starting On TNT/TBS In October?

Are All Elite Wrestling on the verge of announcing their deal?

Cody AEW

All Elite Wrestling's buzz has cooled lately, with the nascent promotion pushing forward in the background of WrestleMania weekend's bombast and ballyhoo. Don't expect this to continue for long, though, because it looks like Tony Khan and co. are set to announce their TV deal.

Per Twitter user The Fight Oracle (thought to be the new identity of MMA insider Front Row Brian), AEW's TV deal will be announced at the Warners Media upfronts on May 15 - just 10 days before Double Or Nothing.

The show is expected to air on Turner Sports (TNT/TBS) and will go out on a Tuesday night, debuting on the same week that WWE SmackDown moves to Fridays on Fox. Knowing this, we can assume the show will be called "Tuesday Night Dynamite," given that this was among the trademarks filed prior to AEW's launch.

Scoring a big television deal has always been critical to AEW's success. Dave Meltzer tweeted yesterday that the promotion were still in talks with several networks and that it was just a matter of All Elite choosing which one they were going to go with. A touch of cynicism is advised given that these reports are somewhat contradictory, but it's all positive stuff regardless.

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