AEW Want Jon Moxley, Ex-WWE Star Currently Filming Movie

Moxley would be the perfect replacement for Pac this Saturday.

Dean Ambrose Double Or Nothing

Though the nascent company were naturally already interested in his signature before hand, AEW's desire to draft in the former Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley has apparently exaggerated now Pac is set to miss Double or Nothing.

The Geordie had been penned in to face off with Hangman Page at this Saturday's pay-per-view, but will no longer be in Las Vegas as a consequence of alleged 'creative differences'. In order to deliver on a match many fans were eagerly anticipating, AEW are keen to bring in a top-draw replacement - and few, in terms of prestige if not work, fit that bill better than Moxley.

According to Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Moxley is not expected to resume wrestling until he completes shooting on a current film project. The one-time 'Lunatic Fringe' is a star of MMA action movie Cagefighter, alongside Michael Jai White, Gina Gershon and Michelle Ryan.

There is no timeframe on Moxley's return to the ring, though Meltzer has reported that he expects to see him join up with AEW by the time the year's out.

The amicable nature of Moxley's departure from WWE - including one of the longest goodbyes ever - has led some fans to speculate that it may just be a temporary thing. It could just be that he's managed to pull the wool over his former bosses' eyes in the manner of his chief influence, Brian Pillman.

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