Aiden English Is Now A Commentator On WWE 205 Live

Is his talking as good as his singing?

Aiden English 205 Live

As of tonight, SmackDown crooner Aiden English will join Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness on the 205 Live commentary team.

Yes! Aiden English!

Despite 205 Live seemingly existing in a parallel universe - as confirmed by Drake Maverick holding two completely separate roles on both the purple brand and main roster - the General Manager nevertheless noted that his purview has fallen under the McMahons' attempt to "shake things up". As such, he's decided to get a new set of legs behind the announce desk:

"Aiden English is an active Superstar and is very opinionated," said somebody else on Drake's behalf. "I believe those opinions and perspective will add to the current commentary team, only adding to the entertainment value of The Most Exciting Hour of Television

What an endorsement. WWE's chief commentator Michael Cole offered his own praise for English's commentary credentials:

"We’ve been working with Aiden at the WWE Performance Center to see if he has the chops, and it turns out he’s pretty good."

Since his loss to Rusev spelled the end of the pair's popular tandem, English has been somewhat rudderless on SmackDown. Transitioning into a new role could prove a lease of life. Whether it'll inspire people to tune into 205 Live or not is another matter.

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