Alexa Bliss CLEARED For WWE In-Ring Return

Twisting the narrative once again.

Alexa Bliss

In these cold winter months, throughout which WWE have helpfully warmed us up by putting more heat on Baron Corbin than James Ellsworth, good news is scarce. Babyfaces are freezing to death. Monday Night RAW scripts have also frozen in place, which might explain why we’re being asked to put up with the same old stories week after week after week. Vince McMahon, by depriving his audience of any semblance of joy, is back on his Grinch bullsh*t.

His heart won’t grow three times in size—Wellness Policy—but we bring you good news this morning via Mark Henry, who has confirmed Alexa Bliss’ in-ring clearance from lingering concussion issues.

Henry revealed to Busted Open radio that Bliss initially was cleared too early, hence the mass confusion surrounding her status and her new onscreen status as the General Manager of RAW Women’s division. However, Henry, who works now in a backstage production capacity, has claimed that Bliss is “fine”—which we optimistically half-expected, given Alexa’s recent cryptic Performance Center updates.

Even if her creative direction may mirror that of Constable Corbin, who, by overseeing and performing on RAW, generates double the heat!, this is very welcome news for a young, eclectic performer with evident potential to star, in many roles, for many years to come.

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