Analysing WWE’s 10 Most-Viewed YouTube Videos Of 2017

The Numbers Game

On a recent public relations tour that took Stephanie McMahon from the fluff and cuddles of the 'Leaders In Sports' convention to hard-hitting sofa chat with Lorraine, WWE's chief brand officer gleefully reported that the company's YouTube channel the second most viewed in the world.

Astonishingly, this wasn't complete bullsh*t.

A quick check of various metric measurers confirmed that the cumulative number of views to the various television highlights, pay-per-view snapshots and Superstar interviews uploaded to their corner of the video sharing website did far more for their online footprint than the ludicrously inflated social media follower counts they trot out in similar arenas.

But what exactly are people watching on there? One of several parroted arguments for Jinder Mahal's WWE Title reign was the potential reach into an Indian market that get pay-per-views gratis. Angaar TV and similar products drew viewers and subscribers into the millions such was the feverish thirst for WWE-centric content, and yet Mahal has surprisingly failed to crack a company-produced top ten when ranked on screenings alone.

Lists are popular (as well you'll know if you're reading these very words), but other success stories leave a sour taste, highlighting how the gap between company and consumer regretabbly continues to widen.

(Note: All view counts were correct at time of publishing)


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