Anarchy In The UK: Are WWE Still Feeling The Pressure From ITV's World Of Sport Reboot?

Toni Storm hiring reflects company's renewed interest In transatlantic action

Toni Storm

Back once again with the ill behaviour, WWE appear to be mounting another charge on a mostly mythical enemy if recent talent acquisitions are for more than just UK-exclusive set dressing.

Mae Young Classic competitor Toni Storm joined Zack Gibson and Keith Lee in recently linking up with WWE in one capacity or another, amidst rumours that Joe and Mark Coffey were also imminently set to sign. Pictured recently putting potential recruits through their paces in Saudi Arabia, UK veteran Johnny Moss has been added to the the Performance Center staff alongside fellow Brits William Regal and Robbie Brookside.

This latest convergence neatly centres around a Royal Albert Hall double bill in June, tentatively titled 'WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament (2018)' as a sequel of sorts to the phenomenally successful Blackpool Tower two-nighter in January 2017. Though WWE were first tight-lipped about the nature of this most recent swing when the events were initially announced, the follow-up news of heavy NXT involvement on the shows seemed to suggest that ticket sales had been less than stellar for the once-hot commodity.

World Of Sport

Named additions such as the above crew to bolster a roster thus far made up of a few too many usual suspects and half the NXT roster should swallow up some of the many seats still available inside the legendary Kensington venue, but the company may already just be suffering from diminished returns. Not least because their transparent motivations are rooted in insecurity, rather than innovation...(CON'T)


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