Another Top Independent Star Signs With WWE

Willie Mack said his goodbyes at PWG's Battle of Los Angeles, as he's WWE bound.

Willie Mack Pro Wrestling Guerrilla -- one of the top independent promotions in the country -- held their annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament this past weekend, August 29th through the 31st. The prestigious event saw Ricochet vanquish five other wrestlers to win the tournament. However, it was a speech by frequent PWG competitor, Willie Mack, which has drawn the attention of the wrestling community. Reportedly, Mack gave a farewell speech during the third night of the tournament. Milk Chocolate -- as he occasionally calls himself -- has been competing for PWG since 2010. He€™s also spent time in the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood promotion, as well as a few visits to Mexico. Mack attended a WWE tryout camp some months ago, alongside Kevin Steen, Roderick Strong, and a handful of other indy standouts. Steen has since been signed by the company, and now Mack has as well. It was reported some months ago that Willie was offered a deal immediately following the tryout, but he apparently either waited to sign on the dotted line until now, or was allowed to finish out his independent bookings before the move to Florida. For those who don€™t know, Willie Mack is incredibly agile and light on his feet for a man of his size. However, high flying antics aren€™t the only thing the 280-plus pound athlete has going for him. Mack also packs some substantial power and striking ability, to boot. Mack€™s vast abilities enable him to possess an array offensive maneuvers, as he has a large and seemingly ever-growing moveset. You won€™t see any so-called €œFive Moves of Doom€ from Milk Chocolate. With Triple H reportedly treating NXT as his pet project and seemingly in charge of WWE€™s recent talent hirings, the company has seen an influx of renowned independent and international stars. Somewhat surprisingly, a few of these competitors don€™t fit what€™s often thought of as the typical WWE mould. At first glance, Fergal Devitt and Kenta seemingly do not belong in the supposed €œland of the giants.€ Additionally, Kevin Steen and now Willie Mack, possess the ability and charisma, but lack the stereotypical bodybuilder-esque physique. Regardless, Willie Mack should be a great addition to WWE€™s ever-growing and changing roster. He should quickly feel at home, as he will be surrounded by familiar faces -- including Kevin Steen, Sami Zayn, and Solomon Crowe, among others. Furthermore, these recent signings -- especially Mack€™s -- are perhaps indicative of a changing mindset in the WWE regarding the look of potential superstars. If you haven€™t yet, find any clip of Willie Mack you can and watch it, because you€™re sure to be entertained. Then, let us know your thoughts on the independent stars signing in the comments below.
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