Are WWE Preparing For Michael Cole's Commentary Exit?

Cole isn't on the way out YET... but it may come sooner than you think.

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As one of Vince McMahon's most trusted and tenured employees and the most complained-about commentator in the wrestling business, few WWE performers are as divisive as lead announcer Michael Cole, who is two years into his third decade as a WWE broadcaster.

Now, there's an outside chance that Cole is reaching the end of his run as the voice of WWE programming.

Dave Meltzer spoke about this on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, noting that Cole, like Jim Ross before him, is likely nearing the point where Vince McMahon will consider him "too old" for his role, and may not be long before WWE move their go-to play-by-play announcer into a different position.

Tom Phillips was mentioned as a potential successor, but Meltzer's words shouldn't be blown out of proportion. There's no indication that Cole's announce booth departure is imminent. McMahon loves him, he's a consummate professional, and he'll probably remain on WWE screens for years to come.

While Cole moving backstage would be celebrated by some, it's unlikely to change anything. Overproduction is the problem, not the announcers themselves, and Meltzer rightly noted that Phillips would soon find himself in a similar position should he succeed Cole.

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