Assessing The Likelihood Of’s 2019 Wishlist

Just how likely is Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen?

John Cena Becky Lynch

Every wrestling fan around the globe has a list full of hopes and desires for 2019. It turns out the promotion's staff are no different; this week, ran its own wishlist, and it's a pretty in-depth one packed with dream matches, title wins, new shows, fresh concepts and more.

Is this a case of soft predictive programming from the company, or do writers for .com really want to see these things happen? One can imagine, for example, a member of the McMahon family running the rule over entries to see if they fit WWE's upcoming narrative or vision pre-publishing.

Even if that was the case, it's safe to assume not all 10 items will come true throughout the year anyway. There's a ton to get through here, and it's deceptively thoughtful. Don't expect to see, "John Cena Will Break Ric Flair's Record" or, "Wrestler X Will Be inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame", because neither was on the list. instead flirted with peeling back the curtain a little more and put a clear emphasis on women, NXT and big title wins. How likely are they to come true? Read on to find out...


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