Backstage WWE Update On Neville's Status

Is the company preparing for life without 'The King Of The Cruiserweights?'

Neville Enzo Amore

Neville's seemingly imminent WWE departure dominated yesterday's headlines. Various sources reported that the former Cruiserweight Champion had walked out on Monday Night Raw and requested his release from the company, but nothing was certain.

This week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter offers a fresh update on the situation, with Dave Meltzer claiming that "the belief within the company is that he's gone." One source went as far as stating that they are 100% confident Neville won't return, through the official company line is that he's still under WWE contract, and never asked to quit.

'The King Of The Cruiserweights' was supposedly set to lose to Enzo Amore in a non-title match on the October 9th episode of Raw. This booking reportedly triggered his walk-out, and WWE changed their plans, opting to put the title on Kalisto rather than have Amore defeat another member of the division.

The write-up notes that the situation "wasn't fully sorted out" at press time, so it's still too early to declare Neville a free agent. It does feel like a case of "when" rather than "if," however, and we can probably expect to see the Englishman on the independent circuit before long.


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