Batista In Talks To Make WWE Return?

'The Animal' wants one last full-time run.

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Six-time World Champion Batista could be in line to make a shock WWE return, according to 'The Animal' himself.

The former Evolution member sparked speculation after an appearance on Jim Ross' podcast earlier in the week. During the interview, Batista not only revealed his openness towards making a comeback, but the circumstances it'd take for it to happen, and even claimed that him and Vince McMahon had already spoken on the matter.

Having last appeared for WWE in 2014, the Guardians Of The Galaxy star stated that he still loves wrestling, and his relationship with WWE has never soured, but he has some concerns. Instead of returning as a one-off, Batista stated that if he does come back, it'll be as a full-time roster member. He specifically mentioned working house shows and getting involved in long-term storylines, noting that he's "turned off by cheap pops."

Scheduling is an obvious problem. Batista's acting career has really taken off since leaving WWE, and he doesn't want injuries to hinder that. Combining Hollywood with the notoriously gruelling WWE schedule would be challenging, particularly for a 48-year-old, but 'The Animal' is open to trying it out.

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