Bob Holly Admits To Past Steroid Use And Pill Addiction

Broken necks weren't the only obstacle Holly overcame.

Bob Holly

On a recent interview on The Steve Austin Show, Bob Holly went into detail about his life during and after professional wrestling, including how his broken neck influenced the rest of his life.

Well, it ended up being a tad more telling that just that.

When I broke my neck, I did end up getting into the pain pill thing and getting on those. And I was able to get off that stuff and so, but that wasn't easy, so I had to have help. I wrote about that in my book. I had to have help to get off that stuff and I did. But that was the worst I did. I didn't get into the alcohol. I didn't get into the cocaine. I didn't get into anything heavy like that. I mean, I did steroids. Whoop-dee-doo. But that goes without saying. When I broke my neck, that was the worst, the heaviest I got into anything as far as that you shouldn't be doing, but, like I said, I got off that and everything. I never drank and I never did anything else.

According to the man himself, the pain pill addiction was easily the worst decision he had made. The man who once went by 'Sparky Plugg' went on to add that it took him taking 10 painkillers daily before realizing that there was a much bigger problem in his life than just the pain itself.

Thankfully, he acted upon his realization and immediately sought professional help, and now seems to be living quite the healthy lifestyle.

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