Booker T Shoots On CM Punk During WWE Money In The Bank 2018 Kickoff Show

Pre-show panellist takes aim at Punk's failed UFC run.

Booker T Kickoff Show

WWE hit Chicago, Illinois for last night's Money In The Bank last night, which isn't just CM Punk's hometown, but the site of his most famous triumph, when he bested WWE Champion John Cena in a five-star classic at the pay-per-view's 2011 instalment.

His name was always going to belted through the Allstate Arena, and it was. It seemed the Chicagoans sprung to life with choruses of "CM Punk!" whenever the action lulled, as has become norm whenever WWE roll through town, but few could've foreseen Booker T's straight shot at the former 'Voice Of The Voiceless' on the Kickoff Show.

With the panel speaking on Ronda Rousey's transition from UFC to WWE, Booker chimed in with the following:-

"Look, we aw CM Punk try to run in the UFC, trying to take over. That boy got the brakes beat off him just a couple weeks ago!"

It was surprising enough to hear Punk's name come out of a WWE personality's mouth, let alone as part of such a pointed diatribe, but Booker shot the man down in his own hometown.

There's no word on whether the lines were scripted or if Booker went into business for himself. What a coincidence that this would happen less than two weeks after Punk trounced Dr. Chris Amann in court, too...

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