Booking CM Punk's WWE Return

How would WWE bring back Punk?

CM Punk's WWE return has moved a step closer with the news that the company is reportedly prepared to extend an olive-branch to its former world champion.

That means all we need for the fairy-tale ending to come true is Punk himself to rekindle his love of professional wresting, a sport for which he says he now feels "zero passion", give up the MMA career he's spent the last three years training for, and set aside a lifetime's worth of bitter resentment.

(And even then there could be issues over pay and merchandise royalties to straighten out first.)

However distant and far-flung the dream of a WWE-CM Punk reunion, though, wrestling fans can ill-afford to turn down such a tantalising fantasy booking opportunity - particularly with the real-life product given to slipping into a mid-year lull right around now.

Qualfiier: we're going to book things as though he will be signing on the dotted line tomorrow, however improbable that may be. This is so we can bounce off of present-day storyline and title dynamics, instead of trying to second-guess who will still be at the top years down the line.