Booking WWE vs TNA PPV

Hands up if you remember the WCW Invasion angle back when WWE owner Vince McMahon bought the failing company back…

Matt Aspin



Hands up if you remember the WCW Invasion angle back when WWE owner Vince McMahon bought the failing company back in 2001. Now hands up if you were happy with the way Vince and co. handled the whole storyline. Not many of you I’ll bet. What could easily have been the biggest angle in the history of professional wrestling turned into a massive vanity project for the company’s head honcho who outright refused to see those boys from “Dubbya See Dubbya” get the better of any of his creations. It was a huge mistake.

A decade has passed since the horrible Invasion PPV and no one cares to discuss it. Plenty of ex-WCW guys recovered from the failed Invasion (Booker T for example) but many more just faded away into obscurity or simply did not take part (Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Sting). But what if a similar angle were to take place today with TNA invading WWE and the whole angle was booked by a mutually objective third party? Would it fair any better?

Presumably the answer is yes which is why we’ve had a go at booking the TNA Invasion PPV ourselves. Presumably the idea of Heel’s and Babyfaces would become null and void as the two companies wrestled for dominance – much like back in the day’s of the original angle with both rosters coming together to protect their brand and prove who the real kings of the industry are.


Match 1 – X Division Style/Money in the Bank

Kenny King, Zema Ion, Doug Williams and Austin Aries Vs Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

To get the crowd on their feet early the PPV would open with an X Division contest featuring 4 top high flyers from either brand. Perhaps the match could be contested under Ultimate X rules with the winner being the side who secure their companies logo (as opposed to the traditional X). The whole purpose of the match would be to show the world which side has the better ‘little guys’ or high flyers or whatever you want to call them. You could even expand it to include more guys like Evan Borne and Christian York if you wanted to. It is important to include Aries in this match as other than CM Punk he is unlikely to be given a fair crack by WWE in any other kind of contest. Alternatively this could be contested in a Money in the Bank match.