Brad Maddox Appears At Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Event

Yet another WWE contracted wrestler appears at another promotion’s show.

Rey Mysterio recently made waves for defying his WWE contract -- which he wants out of -- and appearing at AAA€™s Triplemania event. Reportedly, there has been no punishment handed down to Mysterio since his act of defiance and apparently, there has been no communication or contact made at all. Now, WWE contracted star, Brad Maddox has made a similar move. Maddox was spotted at last evening€™s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event in Reseda, California. PWG is one of the most popular independent wrestling promotions there is. The company operates exclusively out of Southern California -- or SoCal.
Last night, August 29th, was the first event in PWG€™s Battle of Los Angeles series for 2014. The BOLA series, as its often called, is a single elimination tournament held over multiple nights. This year represents the 10th annual incarnation of the series and will conclude on Sunday, August 31st. PWG often attracts high levels of talent from the independent wrestling world, including a handful of former WWE and TNA stars, as well as some international talent. This year is no different, as the tournament features Ring of Honor€™s current champion, Michael Elgin, former TNA star Chris Sabin, IWGP Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles, as well as Chris Hero and Matt Sydal -- formerly known as Kassius Ohno and Evan Bourne, respectively -- among others. Interestingly, there was another WWE competitor in attendance during last night€™s tournament kickoff. Brad Maddox was spotted at the show, even sitting in the front row for the majority of the night. It€™s unclear at this time what Maddox€™s intentions are by attending the event. It€™s also unknown if Brad€™s actions will stir up any trouble back at Titan Towers in Connecticut. One thing is for certain, Maddox€™s choice to sit front and center was quite deliberate. Perhaps wisely, he has begun to drum up interest in himself with this appearance at BOLA. Maddox has not been seen on WWE television since the May 19th episode of Raw, when he was fired as the show€™s General Manager and beaten down by Kane. Perhaps Maddox feels that his time with WWE is winding down and he attended the PWG show to make some connections with the talent and show-runners. Maddox attempted a similar, attention-grabbing stunt this past June when he posted videos to YouTube that apparently showed him trapped in a cave somewhere in Mexico. The final video in the series, posted July 8th, revealed the whole thing to be a hoax, as Maddox was simply in his house the entire time. Will Brad Maddox continue to pop up unannounced at PWG events or other independent shows? Is he simply trying to garner interest in himself for a post-WWE career or is something else going on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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