Brand New WWE SmackDown Logo Revealed?

Blue brand's move to Fox could come with fresh coat of paint...

SmackDown Fox

The B in "B-Show" will stand for billions when WWE's SmackDown Live switches to a Friday night slot in October, and as spotted by eagle-eyed Twitter user @Y2Legend, the company may be spending some of the cash on an aesthetic overhaul ahead of the the big Autumn move.

Featuring current respective WWE and Women's Champion Kofi Kingston and Bayley and their most likely replacements at the top of the card Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair, the company are stacking the marketing as they have done the roster in an effort to bolster the launch.

There have been conflicting reports that the logo may not be real after a Reddit thread on the logo unearthed it perhaps being the work of a scammer, but that, it being the internet, may too have been a fan creation. There's plenty of precedent for SmackDown getting fresh coats of paint, too.

WWE have been precious with the look and feel of their flagship over its 25-year run on Monday Nights, but SmackDown's been subject to numerous changes since its own launch in 1999. The early years of the show offered two legendary stages, with unique Ovaltrons later replaced with a the even-more-iconic mammoth silver fist smashing through an enormous silver and blue wall.

The HD era put paid to specialist sets, but the company have willingly allowed the show to change with the times and time slots. The Fox move will be a return to an old Friday night slot it last held between 2005 and 2014. It briefly reappeared in the original Thursday spot between 2014 and the show going live on Tuesdays in 2016.

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