Bret Hart's WWE Hall Of Fame Attacker Appears In Court

The case continues in New York City on 9 July.

Hall Of Fame Bret Hart Attack
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This year's WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony sparked one of 2019's most shocking wrestling stories as the legendary Bret 'The Hitman' Hart was tackled to the ground during the Hart Foundation's induction speech.

The attacker was subdued, with a host of wrestlers including Dash Wilder, Braun Strowman, Big Show, and Hart's nephew, Davey Boy Smith Jr., removing him from ringside. He was arrested and taken into custody that night, facing two counts of third-degree assault, one of criminal trespass, and one violation of local law the following day.

Hart was ultimately fine. Though he was taken to hospital, he only suffered some discomfort with his hip replacement and was able to attend WrestleMania the following day. Yesterday, his aggressor finally hit the courtroom.

Per The New York Post, Bret's assailant attended Manhattan Criminal Court where he was reminded not to order the two protective orders filed against him concerning Hart and the security guard he hurt. He was only there for about three minutes in total, and the next hearing is currently set to take place on 9 July.

Here's hoping that justice is finally served when the case gets rolling.

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