Brian Cage Signs For AEW?

Has AEW just signed this former Impact Wrestling World Champion?

Brian Cage
Lucha Underground

AEW may have just signed former Impact Wrestling World Champion Brian Cage to a multi-year contract.

This is according to a new report from SoCal Uncensored (the website, not the AEW trio) who state that while Cage's potential start date hasn't been revealed yet, their sources claim it will be "soon." 'The Machine' had been working as a free agent following the expiration of his Impact contract.

Speaking of Impact, Cage competed for the promotion at last night's Hard to Kill pay-per-view, wrestling Rob Van Dam to a no contest. If the AEW report is accurate, this could be his final bout for the company.

The writeup claims that Cage fielded offers from Impact and Ring of Honor, with ROH offering the "highest dollar amount." Ultimately, Cage inked with the promotion that could offer him the most exposure.

The uncertainty surrounding this reported deal comes from Cage's wife, Melissa Santos, who tweeted the following a few hours ago:-

Regardless, Cage would be a welcome addition to AEW's physically small roster. There's currently less beef in that talent pool than a vegan buffet, and while the hyper-athletic 'Machine' works a totally different style to most big men, he'd immediately stand out as a big beefy boy, particularly with Wardlow and Jake Hager still sidelined as NPCs.

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