Brian Kendrick Announces Indefinite Hiatus From WWE

The former Cruiserweight Champion is taking some time off from WWE.

the brian kendrick passport

It looks like former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick could be taking some time away from the company.

Kendrick, 40, tweeted the following on Friday evening:-

To be fair to him, that Hawaiian sunset does look a lot more appealing than the average 205 Live arena.

Kendrick's last televised WWE match came on the 8 November episode of 205 taped at Full Sail University, with the veteran falling to Mansoor. He has wrestled just 17 bouts in 2019, all of them televised, with no house show paydays, having been with the Cruiserweight brand since day one.

There's every chance that this is a work. Given the wording and the very nature of this business, it may just be part of a storyline designed to give Kendrick something to sink his teeth into on 205, particularly as he's pointing the finger at his roster-mates, though this likely won't become clear for a while.

Kendrick is currently in his fourth spell with WWE, having started working as a Performance Center trainer in 2015 before mounting an in-ring return in the following year's Cruiserweight Classic tournament, in which his glory run was ended by Kota Ibushi at the quarter-final stage.

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