Brock Lesnar WWE Quiz: Can You Answer These 10 Questions?

How well do you know The Beast's career?

Brock Lesnar has become akin to WWE's crown jewels since returning in 2012.

Known as "The Beast", "The Conquerer" and a guy who enjoys light reading instead of doing his job on Monday Night Raw, he's an ass-kicking bad ass who has also side-stepped into MMA and become UFC Heavyweight Champion. In other words, there's nobody quite like Brock in WWE today.

After signing with the company in 2000 and being posted to ex-developmental territory OVW, Lesnar quickly worked his way up the totem pole and became the youngest World Champion in history (at that point) when he beat The Rock at SummerSlam 2002. Since then, he's achieved pretty much everything in wrestling.

Here's a question: just how well do you know Brock Lesnar's career? If you know your Minnesota Stretching Crews from your Beasts In The East, then this quiz is perfect. Beware though, because there are some tricky subjects in there, and exactly none of the answers are given away in this intro.

As Paul Heyman might say, "Ladies and gentleman", roll up to test your knowledge on the "reigning, defending" WWE Universal Champ...

1. Who Did Brock Lesnar Beat On His WWE PPV Debut?


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