Brother Of Making A Murderer Subject Trying To Get Former WWE Stars To Visit Him

Brendan Dassey's brother trying to provide WWE morale boost for incarcerated sibling.

In one of the more bizarre news stories you'll probably read this year, Brendan Dassey's brother Brad is apparently trying to contact some wrestling personalties in order to ask them if they would visit his sibling in jail. Brendan was sentenced to life in prison for his alleged role in the October 2005 murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach in 2007. Prosecutors argued that Dassey assisted his uncle, Steven Avery, who is also serving a life sentence. Of course, since the release of the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer, doubt has been cast on Steven's and (especially) Brendan's supposed guilt. Brendan was 16-years-old at the time he was arrested and questioned, has a below-average IQ and learning difficulties. His defense team argued that detectives coerced a confession out of him, among other irregularities. Astute viewers will note that, during a phone call to his mother, Brendan talked about how upset he was that he would miss WrestleMania 22 while he was in prison awaiting trial. Brad says he reached out to Brendan to find out who his favourite wrestlers were and plans on tracking them down and asking if they would visit him. He also noted that a fan of the show sent him a WrestleMania box set, to give to Brendan should he be released from Prison. Of course, his prison has restrictions on exactly who can visit, so it's not a sure thing that they would even be able to see him, should Brad be successful in his mission. Dassey's case is currently on appeal.
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