Buddy Murphy Challenges Roman Reigns For A Match On WWE SmackDown Live

WWE's Best Kept Secret is out for revenge on The Big Dog.

Buddy Murphy Roman Reigns

Following last week’s beating at the hands of Roman Reigns, Buddy Murphy has taken to Twitter to issue a challenge to WWE’s resident *start Michael Cole voice* Big Dog *end Michael Cole voice* for this week’s SmackDown Live.

If you remember, the closing moments of last week’s TV offering for the WWE’s blue brand saw Roman Reigns quizzing Murphy on what he knew about the recent spate of attempted murder that Roman has been faced with.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion and Cruiserweight Champion eventually spouted out Rowan’s name after Reigns had whooped Buddy across the locker room.

Last night’s SummerSlam pre-show saw this angle furthered, with Rowan attacking Murphy during the Australian’s match against Apollo Crews. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan ominously watched on from a backstage monitor.

Given how Roman Reigns never backs down from a fight, it’s seems a given that we’ll get Reigns vs. Murphy on SmackDown this week. And while it’s great to finally see Buddy Murphy being used on main roster TV, don’t rule out some sort of shenanigans from D-Bry and Rowan as this storyline continues to play out towards what many are predicting will be a multi-month feud between Bryan and Reigns.

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