Bullet Club's All In Show - Everything You Need To Know

7. It's Already Sold Out

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There's never been a sense (from first announcement until now) from Cody or the Bucks that All In might be a failure. Any time they've been asked about it in interviews, the trio responsible have been confident that the show will be a success. That confidence has been justified, because All In has officially sold out months in advance.

According to Cody's Twitter account, it took a mere 29 minutes and 36 seconds for every ticket available in Chicago's Sears Centre Arena to shift. That's amazing, and the feat becomes even more impressive when considering that the building holds just over 10,000 people.

Again, this is the biggest independent, non-WWE show in decades.

Anyone sitting on the fence thinking they'd pick up a ticket on the day will be disappointed, but the Bullet Club's decision to keep prices relatively low (some front row briefs went for $153) has already appealed to the passion of wrestling fans who are very much on board with their project.

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