Camp WWE: 14 WTF Moments From Episode 5

Vince goes to the Moon. Really.

The first season of Camp WWE came to an end this week with its fifth episode, though considering that the likes of The Godfather, The Ultimate Warrior and Triple H himself (voicing his father, Quadruple H) have recorded parts that haven't aired yet, fans probably won't have long to wait for season two.

The show's off-the-wall brand of non-PG antics have certainly been a refreshing hit with many fans who are fed up with the more sanitised mainstream product, no matter if it occasionally ends up feeling more juvenile than adult.

Still, the show has proven beyond any doubt that Vince McMahon is a hilarious entertainer, and has been the unexpectedly brilliant centerpiece to which the show has clung. Hopefully Seth Green will continue to milk this moving forward...presuming it did well enough for the second season to actually air.

Here are 14 WTF moments from Camp WWE's season finale...

14. That Fandango Alarm Clock

The episode begins with Vince McMahon sound asleep before being woken up by his alarm clock...but of course, the WWE's venerable CEO doesn't have just any old alarm clock. Nope, it's Fandango-branded, with the superstar's arms pointing to the time, and when the alarm goes off, it plays out Fandango's unforgettable theme music.

Cue Vince gleefully dancing in bed for a few moments, pumping his fists in the air and soaking in that annoyingly catchy music as he does so. And that's honestly the most memorable Fandango-related thing we've seen on WWE programming in quite some time. No offense, dude.

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