Camp WWE: 15 WTF Moments From Episode 1

Ric Flair has sex with a bear. Really.

Immediately after WWE Payback, Camp WWE launched on the WWE Network, and caught a ton of press for being rated TV-MA, stepping away from the company's carefully-constructed PG bubble and turning in a far more adult direction.

While the show's far from perfect, it does function pretty well as a mix between occasionally juvenile humour and something much more grown up, hurling out profanity like it's nobody's business, gleefully breaking kayfabe and indulging the WWE superstars in some truly WTF-worthy moments.

The brainchild of Robot Chicken's Seth Green, it's certainly refreshing to see the company adopting something for more mature audiences...even if some viewers are likely to be more weirded out than truly amused or entertained. Nevertheless, it's something different, and we're looking forward to seeing where it goes, and how truly bizarre things can get.

Here are 15 WTF moments from Camp WWE episode one...

15. Those Stephanie McMahon Sex Jokes

Proving it was pulling no punches from the outset, the first episode started with the sexual Stephanie McMahon gags early on.

After Vince expresses worry that the camp will go out of business if a homesick John Cena goes home (surely a metaphor for Cena's worth to the company), Triple H says, "Also means no more hiding outside Stephanie's bunk and watching her eat Popsicles." It doesn't take a genius to work that one out.

Secondly, after Triple H storms off later on, Stephanie assures Cena, Big Show and R-Truth of his good qualities, saying, "He's really smart when it comes to home repair stuff and...fixing", all while gesturing suggestively at her body while staring down.

So, if they're going to mock Trips, they have to counter-balance it by saying he's a sexual demon? Got it.

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